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London's Times Cartoons

"I showed it to my wife who said, "It's great" and immediately framed the print-out I did."
-Yours sincerely, Daniel Pipes (Political TV News Commentator and Columnist)

"A Great cartoon!" -ABC Nightline

"très touché des marques d'affection que vous lui avez témoignées vous prie de croire à toute sa gratitude."
-Yves Saint Laurent

"A great cartoon ... (I) am sure you'll strike a chord with whomever sees it."
Michael Dell (Dell Computers).

" Really enjoyed it! Spreading joy the way you do is so good and important, it gives strength to so many."
With kindest regards, Maria Sliwa, founder of Freedom Now World News

"I love it!"
TV and Film Actress Bo Derek

"There is nothing better than discovering a new cartoonist who 'cracks you up'!"

"London's Times Cartoons by Rick London decidedly run circles around The Far Side."  
Mediarts Webzine

"London's Times flash animation ROCKS!!"
Dr. Vinton Cerf, Founder of the Internet

"Brilliant....and the artwork is fantastic" 
NBC'S Al Roker

"Not just a great cartoon, a REALLY GREAT cartoon!"
Rosie O'Donnell Producer Janette Barber

"If humor truly heals, then Dr. Rick London is doing more than his fair share to help cure the planet of its ills.....he's that funny!"
Dr. Vinton Cerf Founder of the Internet

"Very funny cartoons!" TV/Film Actress
Alyssa Milano

"Rick London has made me laugh more than once." Academy Award nominee actress
Diane Ladd

"Very funny!" Songwriter/Composer
Robin Spielberg

"I have to admit I'm more than a little jealous of these cartoons!"  Two time Reuben Award winner Creator's Syndicate Cartoonist
Dave Coverly
(Speed Bump)

"Rick boldly goes where no cartoonist has gone before!" Creator's Syndicate Cartoonist
Leigh Rubin (Rubes)

"I would love to have a collection of Rick's cartoons!" Universal Press Syndicate
John McPherson (Close To Home)

"Rick London is a genius and when he says he is going to get something done, he gets it done." Author of "Come As You Are" and founding member of The Peace Corps
Coates Redmon

"I laughed out loud" Times Picayune Columnist
Shiela Stroupe

About our Cartoonist Against Terrorism  (CAT) Site ...
"Perhaps the site's [CAT's] humanistic, democratic, spirit-of-free-inquiry message really
is getting through to some of the right people."
- Madison, WI


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