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Cartoons 2018-2021

Category Cartoon Date Illustrator
Miscellaneous To Bidet A Yard 04-25-2021 Sergey Rudenko
Insects/Ants Ant Picnic  04-25-2021 Will A
dogs/puns Range Rover 04-23-2021 Will A.
Movies/Football Jabba The Quarterback 04-22-2021 Tom Kerr
Music/Musicians Deep Purple Rain 04-12-2021 Tom Kerr
Transportation/Food GUBER
Sergey Rudenko
Music/Wildlife Buffalo Springfield
03-31-2021 Sergey Rudenko
Under The Ocean Shark Fine Dining 03-13-2021 Sergey Rudenko
Dancing/Puns Shameless Plug 02-22-2021 Sergey Rudenko
Jackfruit The Ripper
02-06-2021 Sergey Rudenko
Wildlife Bear Goes & Leaves  01-17-2021 Sergey Rudenko
Medical Vaccine Confusion
12-19-2020 Sergey Rudenko
Dragonfly Slayed
11-15-2020 Sergey Rudenko
Trump/Current Events
Moving Day
Tom Kerr
Dogs/Puns Dogwood Trees 10-29-2020 Sergey Rudenko
Politics/Current Events
Crazy Rudy
10-20-2020 Tom Kerr
Grand Old Osprey 10-19-2020 Tom Kerr
Failed Children's Books 10-04-2020
Sergey Rudenko
Vintage TV Mayberry Bush 09-12-2020 Tom Kerr
Vintage TV Mr. Ed Rogers
09-12-2020 Tom Kerr
Trump/Current Events Sharpie Magic 08-14-2020
Tom Kerr
Bovine Jokes 07-28-2020 Sergey Rudenko
Medicine/Current Events Vile Viral President 07-25-2020 Tom Kerr
Music/Actors Blues On First 07-19-2020 Tom Kerr
Social Media/Birds facebook Selfie 07-07-2020 Sergey Rudenko
Music/Tennis Tennis Love
Tom Kerr
Cats/Cannabis Cool Cats
06-27-2020 Sergey Rudenko
Running/Jogging Running Clubs
06-13-2020 Sergey Rudenko
Dogs/Philosophy Kierkegaard Dog 06-08-2020
Tom Kerr
Bail Bondsman 05-30-2020 Sergey Rudenko
Relationships Yeast Infection 05-21-2020 Tom Kerr
Willie Nelson Concert
05-16-2020 Sergey Rudenko
Current Events/Space TP In Space 05-01-2020
Sergey Rudenko
Wordplay/Puns Club Scene
Sergey Rudenko
Closed For Business 03-16-2020 Tom Kerr
Movies/Actors The Baconater
03-15-2020 Tom Kerr
Bridge 03-09-2020 Sergey Rudenko
What Happens In Vegas 02-25-2020 Tom Kerr
Fast & Curious
Sergey Rudenko
01-25-2020 Sergey Rudenko
Dentistry Root Canal
Sergey Rudenko
Religion/Technology Amazon Commandments 12-28-19
Sergey Rudenko
Dogs/Birds Bird Dogs Flying South
Sergey Rudenko
Music/Chickens Village Peeps
11-25-19 Sergey Rudenko
Trump/Politics Whistleblower's Mother 11-18-19
Tom Kerr
Yoga/Meditation Pretzel Logic Yoga
Sergey Rudenko
Trump/Politics Diversion Memorial 10-26-19 Tom Kerr
Trump/Politics Squid Pro Quo 10-24-19 Tom Kerr
Dentistry Dental Debate
10-22-19 Sergey Rudenko
ants/puns Antelope
10-10-19 Sergey Rudenko
News/Politics There's Wall Dough 10-02-19 Tom Kerr
Beavers In The Pool
Sergey Rudenko
Famous People, Places & Things Alexa Finds Somebody Important
Tom Kerr
Famous People Twain A Rock
Tom Kerr
Holidays St Patrick's Plane & Crew 08-31-19
Sergey Rudenko
Insects/Therapy Spider Phobia 08-21-19 Sergey Rudenko
Dinosaurs/Social Media Meteoric Selfie Fame 08-11-19
Sergey Rudenko
Airlines/Transportation Lost Baggage Is Hell 07-28-19 Sergey Rudenko
movies/politics Boris & Trump Powers 07-25-19 Tom Kerr
Cannabis/Space Visit From Planet 60s
07-18-19 Sergey Rudenko
House Of Ill Dispute 07-10-19 Sergey Rudenko
Famous People/Birds Bella Lagoosy 07-10-19 Tom Kerr
Music/Politics Sinatra & Clues 07-03-19
Tom Kerr
06-28-19 Sergey Rudenko
Insects Along Came A Spider
Simeon Liebman
dogs/cannabis Baked Alaska 06-17-19
Sergey Rudenko
Musicians Angie & Mick's List 05-31-19 Tom Kerr
Music/Beatles Uber Beatles Fan 05-18-19 Sergey Rudenko
Music/Celebrities Elizabeth Taylor Swift 05-17-19 Tom Kerr
Music/Movies/Books Lord Of The Ring Of Fire 05-10-19 Tom Kerr
Silly Wordplay Nana Republic 05-07-19
Sergey Rudenko
Music/Musicians Prince Gets Inspiration 04-26-19 Tom Kerr
Yoga/Meditation Nepal Power & Light 04-20-19 Sergey Rudenko
MarsupiaLisa 04-11-19 Tom Kerr
Childrens Games Scissors Beats Rock 04-09-19
Sergey Rudenko
Animation Nemo Finds Waldo (And Vice Versa) 03-30-19 Sergey Rudenko
Law/Social Media Courtroom Makes A Mockery 03-18-19 Sergey Rudenko
Technology TechHeaven 03-09-19 Sergey Rudenko
Puns/Award Shows
Thank My Fans 02-27-19
Sergey Rudenko
Tony & The Robins 02-23-19 Tom Kerr
Sleeping Dogs
Sergey Rudenko
News/Politics Trump Got His Wall 01-30-19 Tom Kerr
Television/Music Ozzy & Harriet 01-28-19 Tom Kerr
News/Politics Trump & Olliegarch 01-25-19 Tom Kerr
News/Politics Poohtin & Piglet
01-25-19 Tom Kerr
Great Breakfast Food War 01-22-19 Sergey Rudenko
Fred & Ginger 01-22-19 Tom Kerr
News/Politics Where's Mitcho?
01-21-19 Tom Kerr
Bedtime For Seedlings 01-08-19
Sergey Rudenko
Medicine/Birds Crow's Feet 12-21-18 Sergey Rudenko
Keith & Methuselah 12-20-18 Tom Kerr
Politics/Current Events A Spy Named Maria 12-17-18
Tom Kerr
Sharks/Society Final Request 12-11-18 Sergey Rudenko
Maternity/Pregnancy Mom & Pop Culture 12-03-18
Sergey Rudenko
Celebrities Garth Brookes 11-21-18 Tom Kerr
Puns/Wordplay Emcee Hammer 11-20-18 Sergey Rudenko
Dating/Relationships Internet Dating
11-13-18 Sergey Rudenko
Cat Heaven
Sergey Rudenko
Bad Forensics 10-26-18 Sergie Rudenko
Irish Sitter 10-22-18 Will A
4 Calling Birds 10-19-18 Tom Kerr
News/Politics/Current Events See No Evil
10-19-18 Tom Kerr
News/Current Events Just Say Kavanaugh 10-17-18 Tom Kerr
Food/Dating Honey Dates 09-08-18 Sergie Rudenko
youth/dating Instagram Update 09-10-18 Sergie Rudenko
Stable Genius 09-08-18
Tom Kerr
Animals/Law Ewe'r Laws & Mine 08-28-18 Sergie Rudenko
Trump/Politics Donald Trump, Preacher
08-27-18 Tom Kerr
medicine/social media Facebook Status Update
Sergie Rudenko
Crime/Police DNA Cafe 08-09-18
Sergie Rudenko
Email Scams 07-29-18 Sergie Rudenko
Trump/Politics It's A Hoax 07-27-18 Tom Kerr
Cartoon Characters Bankruptcy Of Wile E Coyote 07-24-18 Tom Kerr
Famous People/Movies Broth Of Khan 07-24-18 Tom Kerr
Politics/Trump Witch Hunt 07-16-18
Tom Kerr
Butterflies/Insects Butterfly Skydiving 07-03-18
Sergie Rudenko
Famous People/Star Wars Yoda Yoda Yoda 06-28-18 Tom Kerr
Trump/politics Trump Has A Nightmare 06-21-18 Tom Kerr
Music/Bowling Bowling Tina 06-16-18 Tom Kerr
Hippie Volcano
06-14-18 Sergie Rudenko
Vehicles Those Pesky Auto Lot Balloons 06-02-18
Sergie Rudenko
Bird Family Eateries 05-21-18 Sergie Rudenko
Politics Bolton Streetsweeper 05-16-18 Tom Kerr
Wildlife/Nursery Rhymes Father Weasel School Day
Sergie Rudenko
Social Media/Medicine facebook Eye Chart 04-28-18
Sergie Rudenko
Retail News Toys R'nt Us 04-09-18 Sergie Rudenko
Trump/Movies Trumps On A Plane 04-06-18
Tom Kerr
Politics/Current Events Mueller's Evidence 03-26-18 Tom Kerr
Social Media/Famous People Dick Pics
03-24-18 Tom Kerr
News/Social Media Russian Troll 03-21-18 Sergie Rudenko
Tariffs 03-12-18 Tom Kerr
News/Current Events Russian Metaling 03-06-18
Sergie Rudenko
News/Politics School As Seen By The NRA 02-16-18
Tom Kerr
Animal Rights
Lady Bug Factory Farming
02-16-18 Sergie Rudenko
Bee Sting
Tom Kerr
Food/Puns Eating Well
02-07-18 Sergie Rudenko
Space/GPS  UFO GPS 01-23-18 Sergie Rudenko
News/Politics Congress For Rent
01-21-18 Sergie Rudenko
News/Politics King Trump & His Throne
01-17-18 Tom Kerr
Insects/Butterflies Painted Lady 01-09-18
Sergie Rudenko

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