Birther Of A Nation by Rick London

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Today The Obama Administration decided was the right time to release his real birth certificate.  The immediate predictable announcement by Donald Trump was more or less, “I solved a big problem…Obama should have done earlier…America couldn’t have done it without me”. Blah blah yadda yadda.

To be clear, I’m no Barack Obama fan. I don’t feel he has the experience to be a President, much less a President with all that is going on in the world today. I happen not to think he has what it takes to be re-elected.

But I will give him this.  Back when the “birther issue” was gaining momentum, did you notice who was bringing it up the most?  You guessed it. Not Sarah Palin. Not Glenn Beck. Not Michelle Bachman, no not even Trump…It was  Barack Obama always “claiming innocence”.  Did that not give anyone a clue as to what he/Obama was doing?  He was luring bigots dressed as carnival barkers into starting a “He wasn’t even born here” campaign… and guess what. It worked.  Does that hurt? If so, you might want to check your soul within. Don’t hate Obama due to his color (or his perceived religion). It’s  not a reason of which God would approve.  Hate the mediocre job he is doing in the White House.  I hated that about GW Bush too; but I didn’t hate him. Obama kept the issue alive (like a good attorney) as he knew “he had the answer” in a vault.  He only had to await the right moment.  That came today.  If only Obama could use all that “legal smartness” to be a good President.  It appears he cannot.

Of course Obama knew he had the certificate from the start (obviously) and he knew he could have shown it quite promptly but didn’t.  Why didn’t he?

If you are a “Birther Tea Party-er or Republican or even a leftist” this might not sit well with you, but some lessons are the most painful.

My prediction was, for a long while, that Obama was going to pull it out when Trump called him on it in the 2012 debate (or whatever “Birther” he was at the debate podium. That would have been the ideal time and it would have been “a sure fire win” for Obama. He knew it, and of course everyone else knows it now.

Yes, as incompetent as Obama is at governing, he’s much, much, smarter than Trump (and every other Birther for that matter at “Playing Politics).  He proved today; NONE of the others were even in his league.  Does that hurt? Again, time to look within.

Obama had to pull the certificate today. Trump was overshadowing real news…Japan, Arab uprisings, War In Libya and so much other important news stories and the “birther issue” was becoming priority news, keeping us, the general public from hearing real news.

The important stories were becoming almost non-stories while Donald’s bad hair blew across our TV monitor and his headache-producing voice through our psyche.

Obama could have ignored all that and waited until his golden moment, the 2012 debates.  It would have been a no-brainer who would have won the debate no matter how good the “Birther Opponent” performed on every other issue.

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It should have been apparent to most “Birthers” when even the “former birthers” like Palin and Bachmann & Gov. Brewer of Az began removing themselves from the Birthers and the issue.  They finally figured out that Obama had them over a barrel,  and he was just waiting for the right time.  But leave it to Trump and his ego to keep it going.   His “I put this issue to an end thanks to me” is so reminiscent of Charlie Sheen’s, “Winning…winning”, that it was almost funny, if not so sad. Trump would never have imagined in a zillion years that Obama had him over a barrel. But we know now he did.

Rarely, very rarely, you will find a candidate who understands the job of a U.S. President.  Do you know what that job is? I didn’t think so.  There actually are two major jobs A. Balance The Budget…AND  B. Keep the U.S. citizens safe.

Trump has been bankrupt 3 times but told one national news reporter, “We buy these companies and go bankrupt.  Then we can make a deal that is FANTASTIC!” He doesn’t mention that the creditor gets pennies on the dollar.  America has loans owed to many countries and vice versa. We’ve been known to pay our bills as a nation. But given Trumps philosophy; if we borrow several billion, go bankrupt, and you (the other country) gets a “FANTASTIC” deal, you should be happy”.  But in reality, if that country owns an atom bomb, he’s not done much to keep the citizenry of our country safe.

Here’s something that is not going to make lefties nor right-wingers feel so great.  I worked long enough in Washington to continue to chant my mantra, “Do not vote for the party. Research each candidate, then do another research and then another. Have a friend review those research results and another friend  research his/hers.  Whichever party you have chosen, you are going to find things you don’t like; let me rephrase that, if you are honest, despise.  There will be things that click and you love, but the majority you’ll probably find is “the same old self-interest B.S.). If you really make this your voting formula, and you have at least a high-school education, you will never even think about voting “party” again.

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If you can tell me with a straight face that there’s one in office now, or one that you’ve seen running who understands that, and could perform it, never mind being “Our Moral Mommy & Daddy”, that does not even appear on the job description (though it is the reason so many vote); which makes me a shame of our education system.  It is probably why we’ve had so few decent presidents.  How many have done the real job in my lifetime?  Only Clinton. Can you name another.

The news heads tonight are going to be brutal…well beyond brutal to Trump; as well they should. He doesn’t understand it now, but of course, he is history, last years news.  Do you think anyone with any type of sanity would ever take him seriously again?

We know much of it is about race. That is a given. I am a white man who grew up in Ms. I am sensitively aware of politicians who teach me the differences between the races, rather than the similarities. I know what racism, or perceived racism) did to my beloved beautiful state of Ms. Most of us were not racist, did not wear sheets, were absolutely fine when integration occurred yet financially will and will for many years to come. Mississippi continues to come in #50 in almost every important issue from education to tourism (we’re a bit better on tourism now due to casinos but the good jobs and most monies travels out of state).  I am very surprised when I see my fellow-Mississippians go along with Trump, especially given what such racists did to us nationwide (if not worldwide). It will take Ms many years to pull out of that alligator pit.  And it won’t be in our lifetime and if they keep marching to Trump’s racist drum it won’t be in our grand children’s lifetimes.

I can look at a person and predict future meltdowns.  3 months ago I predicted to my wife Lee that I could see Glenn Beck beginning to melt down.  I gave him exactly 2.5 months left on Fox (I knew how Fox worked as I used to work there years ago when it was still Metromedia).  I was off about five days.

I think Trump will last about a month longer. After 4-5 months of the media virtually ignoring him, giving him a few crazy sound bites, he will be doing the “Glenn Beck cry” and fade away. His ego is a little stronger hence he’ll last a bit longer than Beck. But all its going to take is one news veteran to ask the right question and Trump will be back hawking his MLM pyramid scheme telling everyone he’s a billionaire (oh, many times over) :)

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Donald, I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a bottle of Amway environmentally-friendly dish washing detergent today.  There is more shares of complaints regarding Trump’s MLM “Get Rich Quick” company on than I care to read.  He’s done nothing to respond and/or remedy these complaints.  Too busy with his hired detective help in Hawaii, finding out things that “don’t look good at all”  (Admit it, like Obama or not, he got a BIG SMILE today).

There is only one person on the horizon who understands what a President does. Governor Gary Johnson (Republican) of New Mexico was interviewed on the news several weeks ago.  He emitted so much sanity, knew exactly what a President does and doesn’t do, I felt sad.  He’s just too sane to run. And yes, he knew the two main job descriptions of a U.S. President and had very little to say, even when quizzed over and over by the reporter on anything but those two issues.  Do you think we’ll ever get a President who knows his/her job?


Rick London is a cartoonist, designer, and funny gift manufacturer.  He founded the net’s #1 offbeat cartoons, Londons Times and its licensed shops featuring funny tees gifts etc. He also founded and designs the world’s only famous love quotes shoes, and writes music. He and his wife Lee are nature lovers and spend a lot of time hiking in the Ouichata Mountains of Arkansas.



  1. Posted April 27, 2011 at 3:01 pm | Permalink

    To be honest the “Crazy Donald” show has been very entertaining! I will be a bit sad it has come to an end :o ) Great article! Go Johnson! LOL

    Love Your DW Lee xx00xx

  2. Posted April 27, 2011 at 4:53 pm | Permalink

    To be honest, I’m going to miss him (The Donald) a LOT. But its a conflicted thing, Baby. I love the fact that he did so much cartoon writing and concepts for me and so many of my colleagues…we owe him a debt of gratitude. On the other hand, there are some excellent moderate/conservative possible candidates (both Democrat and Republican) such as Republican Gov Johnson of NM who would be great. But it is too hard for sane people to take the Republican party seriously with the birthers taking it over. Maybe now, it will die down and he’ll stand a chance. He knows what he’s doing, and he’s the only one I’ve seen who does. What a President does (and doesn’t do).

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