Donald Trump’s Hair Under Investigation

My hair was born in the U.S.    I just want my follicle units back


With important news saturating our airwaves such as the Japan tragedy, uprisings in the Arab world,  and so many more meaningful issues, Donald Trump’s timing could not be worse with the non-news issue of investigating if Obama was born in Hawaii much less America. Most educated Republicans are distancing themselves from him.

In response, a group of cartoonists led by Rick London, founder of Londons Times Cartoons is beginning an investigation on, not Donald Trump, but that creature that  lives on his head. London says, “Given all the money that Mr. Trump makes selling books and multi-level life coach junk,” you know he’s one of the few who could not only pay but persuade aliens to steal the hair off their best friend, and send it to Trump Towers. Of course it could be an alien animal, not hair at all.  A strand of it is still in a lab being evaluated.

We were able to swipe the strand of hair when we discovered he was sleeping with other fringe Republicans who needed the money and didn’t fall for his life-coach make-a-million MLM deal.

London says, “We know, for certain, it was not made in America much less this planet. We’ve seen creatures such as these in old horror films, but they were synthetically made in Hollywood. We’ve quizzed all the Hollywood studios who have assured us it had to come from another planet.  We’ve contacted Clive Barker and Steven King who are not returning our calls. I feel its because one of them have a book or film planned titled ‘Night Of The Donald’s Hair’.”

London adds, “In so many ways, Mr. Trump has our pity. Some men whose testosterone has long gone, but still have a deep intimidating voice feel the need to cover their balding heads. This could mean grabbing a small space alien, which we are almost certain Mr. Trump has done. If so, it is likely a living organism and he need not answer to us but to P.E.T.A. or even an inner-galaxy animal rights or hair follicle rights group.

Let’s just hope he is exercising it on a regular basis and feeding it food that is indigenous to it’s original habitat.

For more updates with the investigation tune into blog.


Rick London is a writer, cartoonist and designer. He founded Londons Times Cartoons in 1997 which have been Google and MSN’s #1 ranked offbeat cartoons since 2005. He also founded numerous shops featuring his funny gifts such as the Rick London Collection. He also founded and designs the world’s only famous love quotes shoes, Shoes That Amuse.


  1. Posted April 7, 2011 at 4:09 pm | Permalink

    Personally I think the Hair was born here and Donald pulled an invasion of the body snatchers… the poor hair did not stand a chance :o )

  2. admin
    Posted April 7, 2011 at 5:35 pm | Permalink

    Lab research has shown that Donald Trump’s hair may not be hair at all but a small space alien from planet xxxppplon. This means, part of Trump was not born in the U.S. If this turns out to be the facts, then if elected President; he will be forced to leave his hair in NYC.

  3. Posted April 8, 2011 at 9:40 am | Permalink

    Ha ha ha ha Love ur DH Rick x0x0x0

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