How To Survive Radiation Toxicity

Chernobyl (Click To Enlarge)

My plan was to follow up and continue being facetious regarding “the glamor of being a cartoonist” but now is not the time or place. There is turmoil in the world that stretches from Libya to Wisconsin to Japan.

I have written about Wisconsin and Libya to the best of my ability, but with my limited education, resources and such, I can only offer opinion and a small bit of research; not a lot, unfortunately, that will help too many. My knowledge of dictatorships and labor conflicts is limited. For that I am sorry.

However I do know a little about surviving nuclear toxins in the air and there is a chance there is some headed our way, and if not, our friends in Japan could easily be exposed to this deadly toxin. There is no foolproof way to protect oneself fully from radiation.  However many of the survivors of Chernobyl were those who took potassium iodide tablets daily during the exposure.  Nuclear bombs or reactor explosions rarely kill people (directly); unless they are in the way of the explosion.  The big killer is the radiation that remains in the atmosphere for a long period of time and for a period of time becomes lodged in the thyroid gland and, if the person does not die from cancer of that gland, it will generally spread eventually.

There is a solution. It is called potassium iodide. It is not to be taken like potassium tablets and can be quite toxic if taken too often for too long. But during the course of the airborne radiation, it is a lifesaver. It takes the radiation rapidly from the thyroid gland rapidly through the urinary tract and out of the body. It must be taken once or twice daily until radiation is minimal or gone.

Potassium iodide can be found online and occasionally at health food stores.  It was going to be stockpiled and distributed by Homeland Security after 9/11 when the threat of dirty bombs was imminent.

There has been at explosion today at one of the nuclear plants. At Chernobyl, there was very heavy core damage during one of the meltdowns and that is why the radiation traveled worldwide during the meltdown. As of now, there is very little knowledge of what exactly the situation is at any of the Japanese plants.

Doses were scarce in Russia during Chernobyl but those who took it were protected. 18,000 doses were administered in Poland which was also contaminated and not one person who took it contracted cancer.

Please pray for Japan.  And if you know anyone, anywhere in the world, whom may not know of this important information, please alert them…… (at the risk of sounding like an alarmist) we are all at risk (or airborne radiation) a very real risk. Potassium Iodide, as of now, is the only known remedy. Much of it is less than $10. DO NOT INGEST UNLESS THERE IS AN IMMINENT ALERT. It can have nasty but not life threatening side effects.

Here is a list of stores on that sells PI.

I am going to order potassium iodide today.  Chances are I won’t need it.  But chances are I will also.  Why take a chance? I think my body is worth over $10 including postage and handling.  Stay safe and be well.  Sincerely, Londons Times Offbeat Cartoons.

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