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I was born in Hattiesburg, Ms in 1954. Believe it or not, I’m not a leftie or a rightie. I look at each candidates insanity (and there’s usually plenty). That was my inspiration to becoming a writer and cartoonist. Oh and I’m a designer too. I am happily married to my wife Lee Hiller-London a photographer, writer, and designer and we live in the Ouachita Mountains near beautiful Hot Springs, Ar.

A Frog Started My Career

When you reach my age (56), it is not unique that one remembers things that happened 50 years ago; but can’t remember what day it is. That’s me.  The one thing I will never forget is how and why I started collecting things. Let me warn you ahead of time, this story will not appeal [...]

Would You Blog If There Were Peace On Earth?

Oddly enough, a friend asked me that question yesterday. At first I thought it was a rhetorical question so I waited for her to talk again, but it was not.  I asked her for more detail regarding her question.  She said, “Well you write, you create, you do this cartooning thing, you spend half your [...]

Mark Twain And Me…And You…A Blind Date With Twitter

Don’t you just love blog etiquette? Do it this way…no that way, wait, you’re gonna fail, no my mistake you may succeed and leave me behind, do as I say, not a I do. Help I don’t know what I’m’ doing? Why didn’t I simply collect disability instead of call my self a lifecoach and [...]