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"Perhaps the site's [CAT's] humanistic, democratic, spirit-of-free-inquiry message really
is getting through to some of the right people."
- Madison, WI

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If you need a good definition of terrorism check out Marilyn vos Savant's in
Parade Magazine 9/15/02! FYI.

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Notice to viewers: You may agree or disagree with any particular cartoonist's point of view, but remember that we are all trying to express our thoughts, concerns and sorrow for the terrible acts of terrorism committed on September 11, 2001.  We will try to maintain a high standard for the cartoons selected, but will allow for some differences of opinion.
Proceeds from merchandising related to these cartoons will go to the Salvation Army.

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Cartoonist Contributor Pages (in order of posting):

  1. London's Times Cartoonist Page:
    (Wessels, Haynes, Coughlin, Diesslin, Bennett, De Borg, Liebman)
    (Canada, England, USA)
  2. Tom Tomorrow's This Modern World (Tom Tomorrow) (USA)
  3. Gerry Warner's The Pentagon (USA)
  4. Stavro Jabra 3 cartoons (cartoonist from Beirut, Lebanon)
  5. Omar (cartoonist from Spain)
  6. Jonathan Brown (editorial cartoonist USA)
  7. Chris Hiers (Freelance Cartoonist USA)
  8. Olle Johansson (editorial cartoonist Skellefteå, Sweden)
  9. Eric Shansby (Montgomery Blair High School, USA)
  10. Patrick Chappatte (Geneva, Switzerland)
  11. Leif Zetterling (Stockholm , Sweden -- aftonbladet daily)
  12. Tim Beers (Canada)
  13. Alexander Zudin (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  14. Monte Wolverton (USA)
  15. Raquel Orzuj (Uruguay )
  16. Rytis Raitis Daukantas (Lithuania)
  17. Russmo (Freelance Cartoonist USA)
  18. Dave Cox (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA)
  19. Drew Rougier-Chapman (Virginia, USA)
  20. Sadir Nazar (Lahore, Pakistan)
  21. E.P. Unny (India)
  22. Manoj Kureel (New Delhi, India)
  23. Mahmoud Kahil (UK)
  24. Lan Hoang Vu, a.k.a. VAL (Little Saigon, USA)
  25. ..... your name here? ......

Other CAT Calls:

* = updated most recently
Calling all cartoonists against terrorism
If you think you have cartoons that you'd like to contribute,
e-mail it to the London's Times.  
If it meets the criteria, we'll add it here.
Note: please do not send us other people's cartoons. Only your own.

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